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  • Mano Krishmore than an year ago
    My order 200153664 dated 26.9.2016 confirmed on 27.9.2016 and cancelled due to non supply of the ordered item even after three weeks on 17.10.2016, and I was promised refund of amount in 3 to 5 working days. The same lapsed on 22.10.2016, and till date I have not received refund. On reminder I was replied thru payu that refund reference 3863269215 processed and I will be getting refund credited in further 3 to 5 days. The same too lapsed.

    Is Urjakart.com really existing to do business or fraud. If my payment is not credited today, I may have to go public through social media sites like youtube, facebook, twitter, besides write to the appropriate authorities against Urjakart.com
    I have never seen a dirty ecommerce site like yours in my life and wish never to see or purchase anything through urjakart.com
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  • Mvs Raomore than an year ago

    urjakart.com site offers are often attractive.
    web site promises that it will provide quality products.
    customer care people sound friendly in the beginning.

    as per my experience so far, the site turns out to be a fraud :(

    I placed order on 5th September 2016
    - its more than 40 days since my order
    yet there is no sign of shipping.

    I had received a couple of courtesy reply mails
    in the beginning. now there is no response.

    I hope that my view on the site turns out wrong
    and I would get ordered items soon with best
    quality as the site promises.

    if my ordered items are not delivered soon,
    I might have to approach Police & file a suit.

    I haven't found negative reviews about urjakart.com
    prior to my order. BUT recently I have seen a video
    review with many comments that it is a fraud site.


    ironically official youtube channel of urjakart had
    made a comment in above video review. BUT
    site is yet to prove that it is indeed a real web site
    providing best quality products at fair prices.
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