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  • Sasi Nair9 months ago
    Shopping us a set of FRAUDS. My order placed on 10 Aug 17. Till date it has been delivered. Cannot reach them over phone. For every mail complaint, they issue a TICKET NO, which is never followed up. Their advertisement is attractive, but only to cheat you. PLEASE, NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. OTHERWISE YOUR MONEY IS GONE.
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  • Shaeeb Aashumore than an year ago
    Ordered 2 items from this unknown website. Frankly speaking they are just looting people showing so called ORIGINAL Images and sending Fake/Duplicate Items and that too after 1-2 months. If you raise any complaint regarding quality/originality they wo'nt entertain.
    One item was, They are showing it as free-size, But actually it's low quality S Size can cost a max. 100 rs from Roadside shops.And see their Courage they are selling it for Lacoste's Name. Can you Exchange and Refund it? I am sure you won't as you are just Looters.

    Second Item was Beats Headphone, Clearly Fake Item , manufectured somewhere in Chine or India , having a duplicate Beats Logo.
    And Audio Quality again of a 100rs one. Had scratches all over , I raised complaint sent pics, But they could not see it. Hence , I just wasted my time in Ordering, Receiving and complaining.

    There are lot more things which i faced but i'm already fed up writing.
    I Just want this FAKE*FRAUD*CHEAP*DUPLICATE company/khoka/Outlet to be SHUT DOWN. Whoever is monitoring this Forum please take strict action against them.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abu Shaeeb
    +91 7307367084
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