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  • Gangadheeswaram
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    Here is a brilliant concert by one of the most renowned musicians in the field of Carnatic Music, Sangita Kalanidhi D.K.Jayaraman. The maestro in his inimitable style has rendered...

  • Shiva Shakti - Gayathri Girish
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    Shiva Shakti - Gayathri Girish

    Violin: V.SanjeevMridangam: Patri SatishkumarIt is traditional to worship the Lord alongwith his consort -"Shiva-Shakti" symbolises this tradition. Lord Ekamreshwarar and Devi...

  • The Concert - Semmangudi Srinivas Iyer
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    The Concert - Semmangudi Srinivas Iyer

    The ConcertDescription: Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer (Rare Unique)Tracks: 1.NANNU KANNA THALLI (Sindhu Kannada -Adi - Thiyagaraja)2.MARIVERA GATHI (Ananda Bhairavi - Misrachappu -...

  • Bharatanatyam Karana Viniyoga Malika
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    Bharatanatyam Karana Viniyoga Malika

    Karana Viniyoga Malika - a garland of Karana-s, in practice, is a unique project. No theory of art will be complete or rather meaningful without proper application. Therefore...

  • Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Brahmaputra
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    Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Brahmaputra

    TEERTHA BHARATHAM - on the Sacred Rivers of India. Rivers have been the cradles of civilizations through millennia. They are venerated as benevolent Mother Goddesses sustaining the...

  • Kala Saadhana
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    Kala Saadhana

    Kala Saadhana A documentary on The Bharatanaatyam living legends combined with recent live stage performances Dhananjayans: Naatyaachaaryas - Shanta and V.P.Dhananjayan - are a...

  • Bharatham Mahaabhaaratam Amba Shikhandi
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    Bharatham Mahaabhaaratam Amba Shikhandi

    A Thematic presentation from Bharatham- Mahaabhaaratham Natyarangam Annual Thematic Dance Series-- 2009The epic Mahabharata is fascinating as the story has many layers to it-- sub...

  • Sada Sharanam - Vol3
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    Sada Sharanam - Vol3

    Sada Sharanam, a tribute to the guru and composer, Shri Ravikiran, aims to encapsulate some of the scintillating pieces of the master musician through a set of instructional DVDs...

  • Bharatanatyam Anjaneeyam
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    Bharatanatyam Anjaneeyam

    The confluence of the genius composer Muralidharan and impeccable singer O S Arun has created an unique musical landscape called Anjaneeyam visually presented by Smt Deepa...

  • Layam Alayam(VOL 1 & VOL 2)
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    Layam Alayam(VOL 1 & VOL 2)

    The Mridangam is the most indispensable percussive instrument, omnipresent in all South Indian Art forms.This twin DVD package has the mridangam maestro Guruvayoor Dorai...

  • Layam Alayam Vol1
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    Layam Alayam Vol1

    The Mridangam is the most indispensable percussive instrument, omnipresent in all South Indian Art forms.This DVD has the mridangam maestro Guruvayoor Dorai demonstrating various...

  • Layam Alayam Vol 2
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    Layam Alayam Vol 2

    The Mridangam is the most indispensable percussive instrument, omnipresent in all South Indian Art forms.This DVD has the mridangam maestro Guruvayoor Dorai demonstrating various...

  • Manodharma Sangeetham - Kalpana Swaram(Basic Lessons)
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    Manodharma Sangeetham - Kalpana Swaram(Basic Lessons)

    The most distinguished feature of Carnatic classical music is Manodharma Sangeetham, which is improvised music. The true challenge of a musician lies in his ability to create and...

  • Mridanga Cintamanih - Level 4 - Road to Success in Concerts - Vocal Music
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    Mridanga Cintamanih - Level 4 - Road to Success in Concerts - Vocal Music

    A comprehensive, in depth encyclopedia on the art of Mridangam, encompassing the entire gamut of playing techniques from the basic lessons to the art of accompaniment to Vocal &...

  • Sareera Sadhana
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    Sareera Sadhana

    Expert Comments: Dr. Prakash BoominathanParticipants: K. Gayathri, Malavi & Mythreyi SasthryConcept & Direction: Mala MohanWith more and more people taking up Music as their...

  • Crazy Mohan's Satellite Samiyaar
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    Crazy Mohan's Satellite Samiyaar

    'Nil Gavani Crazy' proved to be a trend setter TV Serial of Crazy Mohan for rip roaring family comedy with unmatched continuity of provoking healthy laughter.This DVD pack is a...

  • Kumarasthavam - Shanmugakavasam- Panchamirthavannam
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    Kumarasthavam - Shanmugakavasam- Panchamirthavannam

    Kumarasthavam - SongLyricistMusic1.: KumarasthavamSri PambanSwamigalR.sudarsanan2.: ShanmugakavasamSri PambanSwamigalR.sudarsanan3.:...

  • Smaranam - Song of the Soul
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    Smaranam - Song of the Soul

    Smaranam - Song of the Soul: S.noSongLyricistMusic1.: Mahalakshmi AshtakamTraditionalSai Shravanam2.: Shiva Panchakshara StutiTraditionalSai Shravanam3.:...

  • Sri Varalakshmi _sri Mangalgowri _vratha,pooja,vidhanam - Story _song(telugu)
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    Sri Varalakshmi _sri Mangalgowri _vratha,pooja,vidhanam - Story _song(telugu)

    Sri Varalakshmi _Sri Mangalgowri _Vratha, Pooja, Vidhanam - Story _Song(Telugu): S.noSongLyricistMusic1.: Sri Varalakshmi Vratha, pooja, vidhanam & Story - 1TraditionalTraditional2.:...

  • SANGAMAM - Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, MS Subbulakshmi
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    SANGAMAM - Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, MS Subbulakshmi

    SANGAMAM - ACDThe Celestial ConfluenceSangita Kalanidhi Dr. Semmangudi R. Srinivasa IyerSangita Kalanidhi: M.S. SubbulakshmiAccompanied by: Sangita Kalanidhi K.S. Narayanaswamy...

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    Vocal: Saketharaman Violin: Vittal Ramamurthy Mridangam: Neyveli NarayananListen and enjoy a lilting live concert by one of the most talented and exceptionally gifted young...

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    '’As we listen to our voice, we become aware of the meaning behind every musical sound, every movement, every pause and every breath. This opens us to the world of pure music. This...

  • Bharatanatiyam - Legend's pack
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    Bharatanatiyam - Legend's pack

    Bharatanatiyam - Legend's pack by V.P.Dhananjayan, Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, Alarmelvalli, Anita & Pritha RatnamBharatanatiyam Kala Saadhana by The DhananjayansKala Saadhana is A...

  • Nritya Saptaham - value pack
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    Nritya Saptaham - value pack

    "Krishnaya Tubhyam Namaha" of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam created history in mid seventies and continues to charm its audience to this day, all over the world. Normally, Bharatanatyam...

  • Shiva Geethanjali
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    Shiva Geethanjali

    Shiva Geethanjali - ACDMaalola Kannan And BhakthavatsalamDisc 1: 01 Markapanthu Stotram - Maalola Kannan And Bhakthavatsalam02 Suvarnamalastuti - Maalola Kannan And...

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    Dr.R.GaneshA.Srikanth BhagavatharA.S.MuraliBalasubramaniaBhagavatharSongs on Sri Kanchi Periyaval Wittern & composed by: Sri. Ganesa SharmaThis is a music work very unique in its...

  • Sakyam
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    Sakyam ACDKadayanallur K S RajagopalS.No - Song Name - Language - Hindi1 Naama keerthanam2 Dheva Pooja3 Naama Getha4 Thumache5 Daasaachi6 Raadhe Raadhe7 Smarathaam8 Naamahe Nagari9...

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    Srimathi Premala Mothilal’s compositions stemming from the heart are the many splendored emotions of love for God gifted to her by the divine grace of Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba...

  • Why Relationships?
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    Why Relationships?

    Why Relationships?: Yogi. mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference.Hits life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric...

  • Bharatanatyam Sampoorna Margam
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    Bharatanatyam Sampoorna Margam

    Dancing with joy, Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant, one of the renowned dancers of the country; imbues technique and grammar with a sparkling quality, bristling with life. Hailed as an...

  • Bharatanatyam Chaturanga
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    Bharatanatyam Chaturanga

    This dance-theatre production is contemporary in theme and classical in performance. A celebration of India's Independence, and a tribute to the Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi,...

  • Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet)
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    Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet)

    Our body is composed of cosmic radiations and seven colours which become imbalanced in time. Astral gems are carefully selected for use to affect the body beneficially through...

  • Kuchupudi - Annamayya Hari Vilasam - Dr.Alekhya Punjla
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    Kuchupudi - Annamayya Hari Vilasam - Dr.Alekhya Punjla

    Saint Annamacharya of Tallapaka, who belonged to the 14th century, was God's chosen minstrel. He was known as the Padakavita Pithamaha who wrote thousands of songs in Telugu, in...

  • The Source of Light "GANESHA" & VCD
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    The Source of Light "GANESHA" & VCD

    Lord Ganesha enjoys a pride of place in the Hindu pantheon. His very appearance, with his pot-belly, elephant face and the broken tusk elicits certain affability in the beholder...

  • Veena Chakravarthy S.Balachander In Concert - RAGAM - THANAM - PALLAVI in Ragam SRI
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    Veena Chakravarthy S.Balachander In Concert - RAGAM - THANAM - PALLAVI in Ragam SRI

    Veena Vidwan S. BALACHANDER (18 Jan 1927 - 13 Apr 1990) was one of India's greatest musicians and foremost exponent of the Veena. S. BALACHANDER's playing ranged from the subtle to...

  • Veena Vaibhavam (Celebrating Strings)
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    Veena Vaibhavam (Celebrating Strings)

    Accompanists: Mridangam: Srimushnam Raja RaoGhatam: E.M. Subramaniam

  • Nithyanusanthanam
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  • Sri Krishna Thulabaram
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    Sri Krishna Thulabaram

    This Audio CD contains the audio track of Sri Krishna Thulabaram, an enchanting dance drama that establishes the sacred significance of Thulasi plant and also how one can make...

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    DWANI (PART I )- AM5021Tracks: 1.VARNAM - VALACHI (Navaragamalika - Adi - Pattnam SubramanyaIyer)2.KARUNA JOODAVAMMA (Varali - Misrachapu - Syama Syasthri)3.DAKSHINAMURTHE...

  • Sama Gosham
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    Sama Gosham

    Description: : SANSKRIT DEVOTIONALTracks: 1.Purusha Suktham2.Sri Suktham3.Brahma Suktham4.Saraswathi Suktham5.Rudra Suktham6.Parvathi Suktham7. Pavithra Suktham