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  • vaibhav Shiva
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    vaibhav Shiva

    vaibhav Shiva: Shiva, the Adi Guru according to the yogi tradition, and Sadhguru's "50 % partner", as he refersto him half - jestingly, has always played a pivotal role in Isha. In...

  • Nritya Margam
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    Nritya Margam

    Part of the proceeds from the sale of this ACD goes to Bharatamuni Foundation for Asian CultureBacked by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses...

  • Nritya Saptaham - Sangamam - Bharatanatyam Live - Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam
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    Nritya Saptaham - Sangamam - Bharatanatyam Live - Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam

    'Sangamam', is the result of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam's pan-Indian view of the integrated culture in which unity of thought and expression has been immanent since time immemorial....

  • Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet)
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    Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet)

    Our body is composed of cosmic radiations and seven colours which become imbalanced in time. Astral gems are carefully selected for use to affect the body beneficially through...

  • Yoga Asanas
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    Yoga Asanas

    YOGA is an ancient Indian form of balancing mind and body through breath control and a series of asanas. It aims to attain the unity of mind, body and spirit through asanas,...

  • Sri Sudarsanasatakam
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    Sri Sudarsanasatakam

    Sri SudarsanasatakamDescription: The Srisudarsanasatakam, a hymn in 101 slokas is in praise of Sudarsana, a personified form of Lord Narayana Himself. This was composed by Sri...

  • Arulmigu Sri Agoramurthy Anthathi
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    Arulmigu Sri Agoramurthy Anthathi

    An audio CD with Sri Agoramurthy Anthathi is the lovely and latest addition to’s product portfolio. Composed by His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Swami Vivekananda...

  • Sri Ayyappaswamy Nithyapoojaa Vidhaanam - In Telugu
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    Sri Ayyappaswamy Nithyapoojaa Vidhaanam - In Telugu

    Venu Madhav, a bright and rising star on the firmament of Carnatic Music is one of the illustrious disciples of Sri D Raghavachari (Hyderabad Brothers). Initiated early into music...

  • Veda Gosham - Sri Rudram
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    Veda Gosham - Sri Rudram

    Description: : SANSKRIT DEVOTIONALTracks: 1.Sri Rudram2.Chamakam3.Purusha Suktham4.Durga Suktham5.Sri Suktham6.Brahma Suktham7. Rudra Suktham8. Navagraha Suktham9. Sadyo Jaatham10....

  • Namanandam - Swami Namananda Giri
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    Namanandam - Swami Namananda Giri

    Namanandam - Swami Namananda GiriSri Narayana Govinda [Namavali]Mandhasmitha Mukambojam Sadguru Gnanananda [Swami Haridas Giri]Namaruchi Thandhavarku [Swami Namananda Giri]Sri...

  • Pavitra Sai - Priya Sisters
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    Pavitra Sai - Priya Sisters

    Pavitra Sai - Priya SistersSri Sai Sahasranamam StotramH. H. Narasimha SwamijiSadasatswarupam Sai Mahima StotramSri Upasani BabaShirdi Maje Pandari Pura [Abhang]Dasganu...

  • Navarathiri Naayakiyae - Vol-2
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    Navarathiri Naayakiyae - Vol-2

    Navarathiri Naayakiyae SongLyricistMusic1.: SakalakalavalliMaalaiKumaraguruparaSwamigalL.krishnan2.: LalithaNavarathna MaalaiTraditionalL.krishnan3.: ThiruVilakku...

  • Saranaagathi
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    The Divya Prabhandam, which distils the wisdom of the Vedas and serves it up as exquisite Tamil poetry, extols Saranaagathi or surrender as a central precept. Kulasekhara Alwar,...

  • Sai Sangamam
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    Sai Sangamam

    Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

  • Murugan Pamalai Volume One
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    Murugan Pamalai Volume One

    Murugan Pamalai Volume One(AM018)Description: Murugan PamalaiTracks: 1.KONJIK KONJI (Kamas)2.MOHANAKKARA (Neethimathi)3.NEEKURUHI (Abogi)4.VIDALHUMA (Dhevagandhari)5.MURUGA...

  • Papanasam Sivan Kirthis - T.M.Krishna
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    Papanasam Sivan Kirthis - T.M.Krishna

    Papanasam Sivan Kirthis - T.M.KrishnaDescription: Â Â Â Â Â ÂÂSivan was a prolific composer from the profusion of his heart. He sang inspired from the profusion of his emotions....

  • Tapasya - Elaborate alapana of Lathangi & Kambhoji
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    Tapasya - Elaborate alapana of Lathangi & Kambhoji

    Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath, an eminent disciple of the late Ramnad Krishnan, is a multi-faceted personality who has distinguished herself as a vocalist, composer, teacher and...

  • Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman Live in concert 1974
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    Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman Live in concert 1974

    Born in a family of musicians, Tanjore S. Kalyanaraman had his initial training in music from his father Srinivasa Iyer. He honed his immense talent under the illustrious legend...

  • T.Brinda - Padams & Javalis
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    T.Brinda - Padams & Javalis

    Padams and Javalis are scholarly compositions in the classical genre on the theme of Sringara Rasa, depicting the Nayaka Nayaki bhava. Padams are dignified compositions, describing...

  • Vasanta Vani - MLV
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    Vasanta Vani - MLV

    Vasanta Vani - MLVJagadanandaNattai - Adi - ThyagarajaNenenduvedaKarnataka Behag - Adi - ThyagarajaGangeya VasanaHamir Kalyani - Adi - Swathi ThirunalPachashat PeetaDevagandharam -...

  • Songs Of Purandaradasa
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    Songs Of Purandaradasa

    Songs Of Purandaradasa: S.noSongRagaTalaLyricistMusic1.: SakalaGraha BalaATAANAKANDACHAPUPurandaradasaPurandaradasa2.:...

  • Gangadheeswaram
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    Here is a brilliant concert by one of the most renowned musicians in the field of Carnatic Music, Sangita Kalanidhi D.K.Jayaraman. The maestro in his inimitable style has rendered...

  • Padmashree Valayapatti A.R.Subramaniam - MANGALA ISAI
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    Padmashree Valayapatti A.R.Subramaniam - MANGALA ISAI

    MANGALA ISAI - Padmashree Valayapatti A.R.SubramaniamValayapatti A.R.Subramaniam is one of the stalwarts in the field of percussion. His masterful playing on the Thavil has earned...

  • Ramanathapuram(Ramnad) Krishnan - The Musicians' Musician
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    Ramanathapuram(Ramnad) Krishnan - The Musicians' Musician

    This documentary is a fine tribute to the late Ramanathapuram Krishnan, an artiste whose life was full of music and whose music was full of life. It faithfully and reverentially...

  • Margazhi Raagam
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    Margazhi Raagam

    MargazhiRaagamIndia's firstconcert film Margazhi Raagam - Bombay Jayashri and T. M. Krishna in concertis now available as a collector edition DVD autographed by both the...

  • Atma Nivedanam
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    Atma Nivedanam

    Atma Nivedanam meaning absolute surrender to the Almighty is vividly portrayed in this product. Kalpadruma, an exceptional organization annually presents renowned artistes to...

  • Natya Dwani - Sarangapani Padams
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    Natya Dwani - Sarangapani Padams

    This audio CD presents an exclusive collection of padams by Sarangapani, the famous 17th century composer. Handpicked by ‘Padmabhushan’ Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, the...

  • NatyaDwani - SriKrishnam
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    NatyaDwani - SriKrishnam

    A full Bharatanatyam repertoire on Lord KrishnaConcept, Lyrics, Music & Composed by Madurai R.Muralidharan

  • Sada Sharanam - Vol3
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    Sada Sharanam - Vol3

    Sada Sharanam, a tribute to the guru and composer, Shri Ravikiran, aims to encapsulate some of the scintillating pieces of the master musician through a set of instructional DVDs...

  • Layam Alayam Vol1
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    Layam Alayam Vol1

    The Mridangam is the most indispensable percussive instrument, omnipresent in all South Indian Art forms.This DVD has the mridangam maestro Guruvayoor Dorai demonstrating various...

  • Mohiniyattam - Adavus
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    Mohiniyattam - Adavus

    Mohiniyattam Adavus Mohiniyattam is a uniquely graceful classical dance form which has its origins in Kerala. Mohiniyattam is synonymous with "lasya" or grace and the movements of...

  • Cho's Sensational Satires - 6 Stage Plays
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    Cho's Sensational Satires - 6 Stage Plays

    Cho's Sensational Satires - 6 Stage Plays on 7 DVDs [Mohammad Bin Thuglak - Cho's Sambavaami Yuge.. Yuge! - Nermai Urangum Neram - Judgement Reserved - Sattiram Sonnathillai -...

  • YGM's Comedy Utsavam
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    YGM's Comedy Utsavam

    The Comedy Utsavam is a compilation of 3 of Y.Gee. Mahendra's popular television plays SHERLOCK MAMI, ELLAME VAYYUTHUKKU THANDA and MOUNAM SANGADAM.In the First story Yallamae...

  • S.Ve.shekher's Vaana Vaedikkai
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    S.Ve.shekher's Vaana Vaedikkai

    This DVD contains 6 Teleplays that a medley of hilarious situations. Written, directed and enacted by S.Ve.Shekher, each plays stands apart with its spontaneous humour. Restored...

  • Crazy Mohan's - Oru Babien Diary Kurippu
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    Crazy Mohan's - Oru Babien Diary Kurippu

    This Video DVD presents the humorous escapades of Maadhu-Janaki couple. They need to have a baby just to prevent the death of Maadhu's grandfather as predicted in an old ancestral...

  • Musical Melodies-claasical Instrumental
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    Musical Melodies-claasical Instrumental

    Musical Melodies-claasical SongLyricistMusic1.: Venkatachala (Violin)Not ApplicablePurandaradasa2.: Suttum Vizhi (Violin)Not ApplicableSubramanya Bharathi3.:...

  • Sunaadha Manjari
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    Sunaadha Manjari

    Sunaadha ManjariV. SanjeevSanjeev ( born 1978, India ) started learning violin at the age of seven. He was a prodigy as he was able to translate songs into swaras even at the age...

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    Alathur Brothers, the Star Duo of the 20th Century excelled in the presentation of the authentic tradition of Carnatic music. They brought together its technicalities and subtle...

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    VASANTHAM ACDBOMBAY JAYASHRIS.NO. SONG - RAGAM - THALAM - COMPOSERDisc 1: 1 Gananathane - Saranga - Adi - Periyasami Thooran2 Munduvenuga - Darbar - Adi - Tyagaraja3 Sri...

  • ALIVENI - N J Nandini
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    ALIVENI - N J Nandini

    N.J.Nandini is a rising star in the Carnatic music horizon today. Endowed with an enviable comprehension and a rare insight into Carnatic music's various esoteric depths and...