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  • Living Life to the Fullest
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    Living Life to the Fullest

    Living Life to the Fullest: Yogi. mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference.Hits life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric...

  • Natana Sivanjali
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    Natana Sivanjali

    Natana Sivanjali by Dr. Shyamala Balakrishnan & Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam & Dr.Gayatri Kannan

  • Bharatanatyam Chaturanga
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    Bharatanatyam Chaturanga

    This dance-theatre production is contemporary in theme and classical in performance. A celebration of India's Independence, and a tribute to the Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi,...

  • Veena Chakravarthy S.Balachander In Concert - RAGAM - THANAM - PALLAVI in Ragam SRI
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    Veena Chakravarthy S.Balachander In Concert - RAGAM - THANAM - PALLAVI in Ragam SRI

    Veena Vidwan S. BALACHANDER (18 Jan 1927 - 13 Apr 1990) was one of India's greatest musicians and foremost exponent of the Veena. S. BALACHANDER's playing ranged from the subtle to...

  • Sembanar Kovil Maestros Nadaswaram
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    Sembanar Kovil Maestros Nadaswaram

    Sembanar Kovil BrothersS.R.G. Sambandam andS.R.G. RajanaThe nadaswaram also called nagaswaram is one of the most papular classical wind instruments of south India and the world's...

  • Sri Lakshmi Prabhavan
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    Sri Lakshmi Prabhavan


  • Gita Govindam
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    Gita Govindam

    This Audio CD presents a delectable fare of Ashtapadi from Gita Govindam, poetic literature of Jayadeva (12th century A.D). There are 6 tracks in this CD tuned by Kalaimamani Dr....

  • durga mangal Hindi
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    durga mangal Hindi

    durga mangal Hindi - Jitender Singh"Sarva Mangal Manggaliya Shiva Sarvartha Sadhike Sharanaye Trayambake Gauri Narayani Namostute".O! Shive, the consort of Lord Shiva.You, who are...

  • Ekantha Seva
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    Ekantha Seva

    Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya, the mystic saint composer of the 15th Century is one of the most prolific and greatest composer of South India. He composed keerthanas in praise of Lord...

  • Karna Ranjani - Gayathri Girish
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    Karna Ranjani - Gayathri Girish

    Karna Ranjani - Gayathri GirishVarana MuhaneNattai, Rama Nama - KamasArula VendumSaramathi, Uynthathu Uynthathu - DhevamanohariNamam AnnadhuKarnaranjaniVandhu...

  • Veda Suktam Vol- 2 - Sanskrit
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    Veda Suktam Vol- 2 - Sanskrit

    Veda Suktam Vol- 2: S.noSongLyricistMusic1.: GuruDhyanamTraditionalTraditional2.: GanapathiDhyanamTraditionalTraditional3.: RudramTraditionalTraditional4.:...

  • NatyaDwani Audio Collection - Value Pack
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    NatyaDwani Audio Collection - Value Pack

    Kavadi chindu is a generic name for a variety of Tamil folk songs. They are light compositions in Tamil which are popular for their simplicity, emotional content and appeal.The...

  • Dance of Siva
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    Dance of Siva

    Dance of SivaDescription: Dance of SivaTracks: 1.Introduction - Virutham - Idathu Padham - Kamas2.Adikkondar Andha Vedikkai - Mayamalavu Gowia3.Manniyarangal Nadamadum -...

  • Kuzhaloodhum Kannan
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    Kuzhaloodhum Kannan

    Kuzhaloodhum KannanDescription: Kuzhaloodhum KannanTracks: 1.GANA MAZHAI POZHIHINDRAN (Ragamalikai)2.KATRINILE VARUM GEETHAM (Sindubhairavi)3.OIYARAK KANNA - VIRUTHAM KUZHALOODHI...

  • Sri Devi Yagna (Vol 3 and Vol 4)
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    Sri Devi Yagna (Vol 3 and Vol 4)

    Sri Vidya Upasana is the concept of the Universe being the manifestation of Siva and Sakti and is grouped under Tantra Sastra that stands for action. This Sastra can be practiced...

  • Listener's Choice
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    Listener's Choice

    Listener's SongRagaTalaLyricistMusic1.: Sri Ganesa SaranamTILANGADIPapanasam SivanPapanasam Sivan2.: Kanden SeethaiyaiBAGESRIADI (TISRA NADAI)Arunachala...

  • Popular Devi Krithis
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    Popular Devi Krithis

    Popular Devi SongRagaTalaLyricistMusic1.: UnnadiyeBAHUDHARIADIG.n. BalasubramaniamG. N. Balasubramaniam2.: Nee Irangayenil (jayasree)ATAANAADIPapanasam SivanPapanasam...

  • Carnatic Vocal - Sri Chembai Vaidyanatha Baghavathar - Live Concert - 3
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    Carnatic Vocal - Sri Chembai Vaidyanatha Baghavathar - Live Concert - 3

    Carnatic Vocal - Sri Chembai Vaidyanatha Baghavathar - Live Concert - SongRagaTalaLyricistMusic1.: Endaro Mahanubhavulu (chembai)SRIADIThyagarajaThyagaraja2.: Nithi...

  • Amritham
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    Amritham SongRagaTalaLyricistMusic1.: Karuna NidhiyeBOWLIMISRA CHAPUPapanasam SivanPapanasam Sivan2.: VaruvaaroSAMAADIGopalakrishna BharathiGopalakrishna Bharathi3.: Engu...

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    PRIYA - S.SowmyaGEETHAVADHYA (Natakapriya)SRI KANTHA (Bhavapriya)SRI SARAVANA (Sumanapriya)MARIVERE (Shanmukhapriya)NADHA NILAI (Gayakapriya)JANAKI PATHE...

  • Sankarabharanam
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    Sankarabharanam - Sudha Ragunathan: Disc - 1Viribhoni - Varnam - BhairaviNamami - HamsadhwaniMokshanmu Galadha - SaramathiSivakamasundhari - JaganmohiniSri Chakra Raja...

  • Chidanandam - O. S Thyagarajan Live at Chidambaram
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    Chidanandam - O. S Thyagarajan Live at Chidambaram

    O.S Thyagarajan is a renowned musician in the field of Carnatic classical Music. He started his journey into music under the able guidance of his father Sri O.V.Subramaniam a well...

  • Sukandham
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    SukandhamComposition ofPapanasam Sivan1. Karunai Seivai - Hamsadhwani - Adi- Padmashree Sudha Ragunathan2. Maa Dayai - Vasantha - Adi - NithyasreeMahadevan3. Thamasama -...

  • Varistha - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna
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    Varistha - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

    'Varisitha' meaning 'Excellence which cannot be excelled'. presents a series of concerts to be remembered and cherished, with utmost dedication and sincerity. The first in this...

  • Vipulam
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    Vipulam - O.S.ArunTracks: 01.Palisamma - Sriranjani - Adi (Tisra nadai) - Purandaradasar02.Vadana Suhasyarasala - Mohanam - Tisram - Samartha Ramadasar03.Thoomaja Yajamana -...

  • Bharatanatyam Meera - a tribute to M.S.
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    Bharatanatyam Meera - a tribute to M.S.

    Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi or M.S is a legendary musician of our times known not only for her outstanding achievements, but also for her humility and compassion. Her very name is...

  • Sangeetha Sikshavali - Begada
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    Sangeetha Sikshavali - Begada

    Raga Lakshana & Kriti Lessons"This album has immense value for students and would also serve as a useful ready reckoner for concert artists." The Hindu, Friday August 28, 2009The...

  • Gurukula - Carnatic Music Lessons Vol 3
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    Gurukula - Carnatic Music Lessons Vol 3

    Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath is a multifaceted personality, a combination of a teacher, organizer, composer, administrator, director and a concert musician of international...

  • Mridanga Cintamanih - Level 1 - A Beginner
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    Mridanga Cintamanih - Level 1 - A Beginner

    A comprehensive, in depth encyclopedia on the art of Mridangam, encompassing the entire gamut of playing techniques from the basic lessons to the art of accompaniment to Vocal &...

  • Mohiniyattam - Adavus
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    Mohiniyattam - Adavus

    Mohiniyattam Adavus Mohiniyattam is a uniquely graceful classical dance form which has its origins in Kerala. Mohiniyattam is synonymous with "lasya" or grace and the movements of...

  • Crazy's Maadhu - Cheenu
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    Crazy's Maadhu - Cheenu

    Are you thirsty of Good, Clean and Healthy Humor? To add to your precious collection of DVDs and VCDs, To sit back and laugh your heart out especially with your family. Here comes...

  • YGM's Kadhalikka Neramundu
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    YGM's Kadhalikka Neramundu

    'Kadhalikka Neramundu' is one of the finest and popular stage comedies by Nadaga Thilagam Y.Gee. Mahendra, the veteran Tamil stage/cine comedian.Written by Chitralaya Sriram, an...

  • Crazy Mohan's Maadhu +2
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    Crazy Mohan's Maadhu +2

    Doing things by instinct and purely by instinct could make a Virendra Shewag or even a Sachin Tendulkar a great player but for a typical middle class Maadhu such instincts can only...

  • S.Ve.shekher's Vaana Vaedikkai
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    S.Ve.shekher's Vaana Vaedikkai

    This DVD contains 6 Teleplays that a medley of hilarious situations. Written, directed and enacted by S.Ve.Shekher, each plays stands apart with its spontaneous humour. Restored...

  • Sri Varalakshmi _sri Mangalgowri _vratha,pooja,vidhanam - Story _song (tamil)
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    Sri Varalakshmi _sri Mangalgowri _vratha,pooja,vidhanam - Story _song (tamil)

    Sri Varalakshmi _Sri Mangalgowri _Vratha, Pooja, Vidhanam - Story _Song (Tamil): S.noSongLyricistMusic1.: Sri Varalakshmi Vratha, pooja, vidhanam & Story - 1TraditionalTraditional2.:...

  • Ondril ainthu (5 in One)
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    Ondril ainthu (5 in One)

    Jaishree Pictures Kalaimamani Dr. S.V. Ramanan - PresentsScreen Play, Song, Music, Produced Kalaimamani Dr. S.V.RamananEditing, Asst Direction - G. susitharan

  • Bharatham Mahabhaaratham - Kunti
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    Bharatham Mahabhaaratham - Kunti

    Bharatham MahabhaarathamKuntiChitra Chandrasekhar DasarathyKunti chose me....I was asked to bring her to stage.I started reading her story again.My assumed familiarity with her...

  • Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar
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    Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar

    PARAMPARAARIYAKUDI Ramanuja Iyengar - 3 ACDLive at Mullakkal Temple, Alleppey, 1956ARIYAKUDI Ramanuja IyengarSangita Kalanidhi T.N. Krishnan - ViolinSangita Kalanidhi Palghat T....

  • Gita Mala Vol-2
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    Gita Mala Vol-2

    Music byAnanthalakshmi SadagopanAccompaniments: Kalpana Kishore - Violin, J.Vaidyanathan - Mridangam, Dr.S.Karthick - Ghatam

  • Come on Appusami Come on Audio Book
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    Come on Appusami Come on Audio Book

    StoriesBhakkiam RamasamiVoices: Kathadi RamamurthyPrema SadasivamM.B. MurthyMuraliRadhakrishnanGopalakrishnanM.D.MurthyT.D.BaluSathyamurthyJansi RaniT.S....