Sony Ericsson U10i Aino


Sony Ericsson cell phone, LED display type, 3.0" screen size, 16M colors, 8.1 MP camera resolution, 55 MB internal capacity, Talk time up to 4 hours, Up to 380 hours standby time, Li-Ion battery... more

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    Sony Ericsson Aino

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    Sony Ericsson U10i Aino


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    It means different thing in different languages. In Finnish it can be a person’s name that means ‘The Only One’, in Japanese it’s the native name... Read full review    

    Sony Ericsson Aino review -
    First of all, it is small, which to an extent is very nice, but there is a degree of how small a phone actually can be and this one is way to small. The buttons have to... Read full review    

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    It does pretty much all the stuff the other Sony Ericsson feature phones do, but does it better. It brings in some heavy multimedia firepower such as a PS3-inspired... Read full review    

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